Estrellas en Ruta project applied for POCTEP Programme

Interreg Spain – Portugal is a Cross Border Cooperation Programme financed with ERDF funds. The second Call was announced several months ago with a budget up to 90.266.340,00 €. It required that every proposal fits within only one of the four priority axes of the Programme.

A consortium led by the portuguese Council of Reguengos de Monsaraz with the collaboration of Edintra sent a proposal on 19 June within the thematic objective of protecting environment and promoting resource efficiency. The project’s title is “Estrellas en Ruta: Itinerarios de Astroturismo” and pursues the valueing of the natural and cultural heritage in the Portuguese and Spanish implied territories through the creation of touristic routes for stargazing. Thanks to this the project aims at increasing the average number of overnights that tourists spend in this area and as a consequence at contributing to its sustainable development, something essential to retain young population in these rural contexts.

Edintra has participated advising all the partners in every nuance of the Programme and the current Call, drafting the project, coordinating the management of required documents and fulfilling the online application form via Coopera 2020 platform.

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