Tourism is an economic activity whose importance can not be underestimated, whose only goal is to satisfy visitor activities requiring food services, lodging, transportation, entertainment and humane treatment. The EU is a major tourist destination, as six of its member states are among the top ten holiday destinations in the world. Tourism is an important activity in the EU, which has the potential to contribute to employment and economic growth and development in rural, remote or less developed.

These features driving demand for harmonized and reliable statistics in this field as well as in the broader context of regional policy and areas of sustainable development policy.

Indeed, tourism can be an important factor for the development of European regions, with a great potential, in terms of contribution to the achievement of several major EU objectives, such as sustainable development, economic growth, the employment and economic and social cohesion. It is therefore necessary to design tools such as the Tourism Development Plan, where it traces the lines of development of this sector, its objectives and its economic potential