Talk in the Conference “Prepare your SMEi”

Extremadura Avante, through its Department of Innovation, organized this session within the Agreement “Plan of R+D+i Financing” signed with the General Secretary’s Office of Science, Technology and Innovation of Extremadura Regional Ministry of Economy and Infrastructures. Under a modality nearer to investment than to grant the SMEi Programme of H2020 finances traditional and innovative SMEs […]

Submission of DANECOTOUR project for Interreg Croatia-Serbia Programme

Interreg IPA-CBC Croatia-Serbia is a Cross Border Cooperation Programme. IPA stands for Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance which means that it’s a financial instrument for candidate countries or potential candidate countries. The second Call was opened at the beginning of this Spring. The serbian association PGV submitted its candidacy within the priority “Contributing to the development of […]

SMEi in Cordoba

SME Instrument is a subprogram of the 8th EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (called H2020) whose scope is exclusively SMEs. Edintra and Inspiralia have been working together for the success of the Cordoba-based enterprise GENAQ, which had submitted its proposal under the Phase 1 of SME Instrument within the Call of 4 Sept […]

Several grants application for the Rural Development Programme in Andalusia

Edintra has provided several of its services to some companies that has applied for grants supporting SMEs innovation within the measure 19.2 of the Rural Develpment Programme in Andalusia 2014-2020. This scheme is took into account within Leader Local Development Strategies and can be processed via the Andalusian Ministry of Agriculture, Fish and Rural Development. […]

Estrellas en Ruta project applied for POCTEP Programme

Interreg Spain – Portugal is a Cross Border Cooperation Programme financed with ERDF funds. The second Call was announced several months ago with a budget up to 90.266.340,00 €. It required that every proposal fits within only one of the four priority axes of the Programme. A consortium led by the portuguese Council of Reguengos […]

Submission of CIRCUFOOD project for the Interreg Atlantic Area Programme

Interreg Atlantic Area is the Transnational Cooperation Programme for 36 atlantic regions in five countries created by the European Union. A partnership led by the Mancomunidad de Municipios Sostenibles de Cantabria has submitted its candidancy for the 2018 Call with the support of Edintra. Under the Priority Axis “Fostering Resource Efficiency” the project sets out […]

Grant applications for EMPRENTUR and PYMETUR

EMPRENTUR and PYMETUR are two grants schemes for tourism promotion offered by the Andalusian Government or, to be more precise, by the Tourism and Sports Regional Ministry. The former is the modality for growing and consolidation of tourism enterprises and the latter for creation. Edintra has collaborated with several companies in Córdoba, Sevilla and Huelva […]

Submission of TOURFERMED project for ENI CBC MED Programme

On the occasion of the first Call for standard projects of the ENI CBC MED Programme the TOURFERMED candidancy was submitted with the title “Create and reinforce the sustainable tourism initiatives linked to agrofood sector” and a budget of one million and a half euros within the priority A.1.3 – Encourage sustainable tourism initiatives and […]

SMART2W project: ahead to the H2020 second phase

The SMART2W project oges ahead to the second phase of the Call CIRC-02-2016-2017 within the framework of the H2020 Programme. Edintra collaborates with the company which is promoting and coordinating the proposal and the composition of the partnership. This phase deadline for submitting the application form of the project is next 5 September.


EDINTRA is a Spanish company specializing in the Socio-Economic Development and Planning, in the fields of Cultural and Natural Heritage, Marine Environment, Rural Development, Tourism and the Environment It consists of a group of professionals with advanced degrees in Economics, Architecture, Business Administration, Biology, Geography, Journalism and Communication, with a wide experience in the sector. […]